Archive List for October 2014

Spring. 「春(はる)」 haru

I am going to write about seasons in Japan from today.  Most areas in Japan have distinctive four seasons.  Personally, I believe that there are five, though.

Don’t we have to buy a box of tissues?

When I was writing the previous article about “dou-zo,” I wanted to share this with you.  If you live in a city in Japan, you will not have to buy tissue paper often. That’s because we are given.

Go ahead. & Please. 「どうぞ。」 douzo.

I think today’s phrase will make you look good when you use it, because the Japanese phrase has the following meanings:

Could I have ~? Could you give me ~?「ください。」 kudasai.

Today, you will learn very simple but one of the most useful phrases in Japanese language.

Yes & No. 「はい。」「いいえ。」 hai & iie.

In this article, you will learn Yes & No in Japanese; we have both formal and informal ways.

How do you say “how are you?” in Japanese?

When I was a junior high student, I started to learn English.  In each lesson, we had to repeat the following conversation with a teacher.


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