Could I have ~? Could you give me ~?「ください。」 kudasai.

Today, you will learn very simple but one of the most useful phrases in Japanese language.

That is “Ku-da-sa-i.
■ The meaning is “give me … “ or “I’ll take … .
■ When you want to ask someone, “please give me △△△.” in English, you can say, “△△△, ku-da-sa-i.” in Japanese.
Let’s say you want to drink water, say this: “mi-zu, ku-da-sa-i.”  “mi-zu” is water in Japanese.
★ [Could you give me some water?] = [mi-zu, ku-da-sa-i.]
If you want to ask someone to hand something to you, you can say “so-re, ku-da-sa-i.”  “so-re” is “it” or “that” in Japanese.
★ [Please give it to me.] [Please hand it to me.] = [so-re, ku-da-sa-i.]
When you order a meal in a restaurant, you can ask the server, “ko-re, ku-da-sa-i” pointing the food that you want to order.  ko-re” means “this.”

★ [I’ll take this.] [Could I have this?] = [ko-re, ku-da-sa-i.]
So, anyway, you want something, you just ask “△△△△, ku-da-sa-i.” This is an easy phrase, but you can say “ku-da-sa-i” in many situations such as souvenir shops, coffee shops, convenient stores, restaurants, and in a conversation with friends.
Today, remember this: “please give me … .” & “I’ll take … .” = “ku-da-sa-i” in Japanese.
Thanks for reading!

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