Cheers! 「かんぱい(乾杯)!」Kanpai!

Today, I am talking about Japanese history.  But, I am neither a historian nor professor, so I share what I have learned from my history classes with you.  According to them, Japanese people already had a culture 16,500 years ago.  They used stone knives and created decorated vases.

Hello! 「こんにちは。」Konnichiwa.

Today, you will learn “ こんにちは: Kon – ni -chi – wa.”  The meaning is “Hello.”   I believe many people know this word if they are interested in Japan.

Thank you. 「ありがとう。」 Arigatou.

Hello.   Thank you for visiting this site.   With this site, you will learn the Japanese language and cultural information.   My name is Yuko, and I am the writer of “Explore Japan.” I was born and bred in Japan, the land of the rising sun.


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